Tangent was founded in 2015 in London.
By interweaving technology with design at the most sophisticated level, we create unique work that moves people.

A tangent line does not dissect a curve but touches it at one given point. Respecting such gentleness and subtleness, as well as the power of the point of contact, we carefully and delicately tell a narrative which talks to people’s hearts. Imposing technology for its own sake is never our approach.

Technology that touches one’s heart — it is what nourishes the modern society and culture, we believe.

Our approach to making combines classic craft and state-of-the-art digital fabrication.

We will saw, drill, machine with aid of computers, 3D print and laser cut material according to what we want to create. We will design and assemble electronic circuit boards, program micro-controllers and write software codes for interaction. This is new craftsmanship in a digital age.

Hideki Yoshimoto, PhD (RCA)
Founder / Director

Hideki leads the team's creative activities, as well as its management, utilising his inter-disciplinary knowledge. He studied aero-astro engineering at the University of Tokyo, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, and carried out PhD research at the Royal College of Art, with an interest in motion as an element of design. He was appointed as a visiting associate professor at Osaka University of Arts in Japan in 2018.