Drive to Shine


Cogs of different size mesh with each other and rotate slowly. Light shines through perforations in each cog to create a projection on the floor reminiscent of dappled sunlight in woodlands. The field of light is a symbol of affluence and pleasure provided by cars. The cogs that create the field are a symbol of Aisin, which has been supporting the society. At the climax of the tunnel is a large “tree” which acts as the core element of this installation. Every cog and its light is connected to this tree; when people touch the trunk of the tree, light spreads from this point to all the cogs as if energy was conveyed to the whole tunnel. This engagement of the audience will indicate that it is actually people in society who keep Aisin driving forward.

Client : Aisin
Design : Hideki Yoshimoto
Engineering : Edward Slater + Hideki Yoshimoto
Year released : 2016

Milano Design Award 2016 Winner (Best Engagement Award)

Photos by Daisuke Ohki

Drive to Shine
Drive to Shine