Tangent was commissioned to create an installation and window displays for the watch collection of Hermes for the world most prestigious watch fair SIHH held in Geneva. The brief was to highlight their new watch Arceau L’heure de La Lune which features the ‘double moon’ concept, and reflect the brand’s theme of the year, ‘dream’.

We decided to place Earth as the central piece of this installation. Double moon in the Arceau watch is two faces of moon seen from northern and southern hemispheres. Therefore double moon does not mean two moons literally but one single moon seen from two view points — here and there, now and then, you and I. Here on this planet, in this galaxy, all of us, every single human in the history, was born, spent life, and looked up at that moon. That is the beauty behind ‘double moon’ and why we featured Earth, not Moon itself.

The globe, measuring 3.5 metres in diameter, is covered by 20,480 triangular tiles, each of which is made of photovoltaic cells. We procured an old left over stock of solar cells from a factory, which was waiting to be discarded, and gave a second life to it, wishing people who see the work to think again what they can do for this planet.

The window displays invite the visitors to a travel of an astronaut from Earth into distant space. He encounters various elements in space such as planets, satellites, comets, wormhole, etc. and reaches to another galaxy, millions light years away from home. However, if you look at the time on the each displayed watch, it is always the time of Geneva on the Earth… because the journey was actually all in his dream.

General Concept : Hideki Yoshimoto
Industrial Design : Massimo Marolda + Federica Annacondia
Production : Edward Slater
Year released : 2019