Design : Hideki Yoshimoto + Yoshinaka Ono
Production : tangent
Production Support : Toshiro Aki (Chinaware), Yamada Heiando (Lacquer ware)


KIHOU is an indirect lighting product using two kinds of liquid and air bubbles. A ceramic bowl is filled with sticky liquid and a thin layer of black silicone oil floats on top. A small pump and LEDs are embedded in the bottom of the bowl, making luminous bubbles rise to the surface from the black liquid. The rhythm of bubbles, unexpected noise, stickiness of the liquid and lightness of the oil, and the mysterious contrast between the golden light and black surface all breathe life into this small cube, sublimating it into a product that people can feel an affinity with.


KIHOU is not for sale but is available for rental. For more information, please contact us.